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  • Clients from Hell

    Adam Shaf says a dispute with his former clients stems from them "not paying us for work, not because of poor workmanship."

  • Mega Tunneling Machine

    You'll probably never get a chance to run one of these machines, but it's still fun to watch.

  • Affordable Line Lasers

    The models in this 2012 Tool test are still available. Most are intended for indoor use over short distances.

  • Framer's Everyday Carry

    It's not easy to earn a spot in Tim Uhler's tool bags. Here are 11 tools that make the cut.

  • The Advent of Bigger Cordless

    Scheduled for release in May, the Bosch BAT621 battery will store 25% more power than competing 4.0 Ah packs.

  • Cool Tools from STAFDA

    Tool of the Trade editor, Dave Frane, looks at a dozen of the most innovative new products he found at the tool dealers' trade show last November.

  • Carpenter Discovers a Treasure Trove of Tools

    When the first buyer backed out Brian Campbell offered twice the original price and got the deal of the century on century-old tools.

  • 5 Stats You Need to Know About the Housing Recovery

    The housing market is recovering, but not in a clean, linear fashion. The recovery looks more like a zigzag line.

  • Caution: Homeowners on Site

    This is a little news story that will make every contractor cringe ... and then probably make you mad.

  • Scandinavia's Answer to the Utility Knife

    Jesse Wright explores the many uses of Hultsfors knives, one of several brands of fixed-blade knives that no self-respecting European tradesman would be without.