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  • Ambulance as Work Truck

    When there's something strange in the neighborhood … The movie Ghost Busters made a repurposed ambulance famous, but Phil Herzegovitch has a long list of reasons why an ambulance is perfect for a contractor's work truck.

  • 50 Cool Things You Could Have Seen at the World of Concrete

    Held annually in Las Vegas, the World of Concrete is a bucket-list trade show for anyone who has anything to do with concrete. Tools editor Dave Frane was there and put together this look at a small fraction of what you missed at the 2014 show.

  • Communities Mandate the Removal of Wood Roofing

    In an effort to curb the risk of wildfire destroying homes, more and more western communities push for the removal of existing wood roofing.

  • Can't get it here: Sword Saw

    Check out this video of Festool's Schwertsägen-sword saw. Unlike Prazi's attachment, this is a complete tool, with a base that allows it to be used with Festool track saws. Introduced into Europe in 2009, it will probably make its way to the U.S., although nobody knows when.

  • A Carpenter's Tool Vest

    Tired of your heavy toolbelt? So was Jesse Wright, so he switched to a vest with a ton of pockets and lots of special features that make it easier to find what you need without having to think about it.

  • Tricked Out Tool Cart

    Brian Way outfitted this super-organized rolling cart to hold most of the tools and supplies he needs in his work installing cabinets and millwork. No more trips out to the truck for stuff you forgot to bring onto the job.

  • Lowe's to Pay Record $500K Penalty Over Subs' Lead-Paint Rule Violations

    EPA continues to bring down the RRP hammer, this time on contractors working for Lowes.

  • A Finish Carpenter's Bag of Tricks

    Jesse Wright takes a look at a dozen or so must-have small hand tools that he carries with him every day in his work as a finish carpentry in Concord, Calif.

  • A Trip to the Recip Blade Factory

    If you've ever wondered how recip saw blades are made, here's your chance to find out. Tools of the Trade editor Dave Frane toured a factory last winter and convinced Lenox to let him take photographs of just about everything he saw.

  • Remodeling Growth to Taper a Bit by Year End, JCHS Forecasts

    Latest LIRA report would have tailed off further had a previous indicator not been removed.