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  • Welcoming a New Era

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—When dawn broke Jan. 20, close to 2 million people were already on the move, streaming toward the U.S. Capitol to watch Barack Obama become president.

  • Are We There Yet?

  • Election Impact

    With so much at stake in the recent elections, ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING asked: How do you think the 2008 U.S. presidential election will impact the lighting industry? Here, the presidents of the two principal professional U.S. lighting organizations offer their perspectives before and after the...

  • The State of Lighting Research

    Researchers aim to connect with the lighting community

  • Where is the Next Edison Price?

  • New Policy Landscape for Housing

    The affordable housing community will look back on the summer of 2008 as one of great accomplishment in working with members of both parties and the administration to enact the most farreaching housing law in decades, the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.

  • Celebrating Craftsmanship

  • Reauthorize HOPE VI, But Make a Few Changes First

    I am no longer an administration official so let me reveal a personal but, for me, necessary inconsistency between administration policy and my personal opinion: I think the HOPE VI program should be reauthorized, but not as currently conceived in legislation pending before Congress.

  • New Standards for Green Building

    The related issues of climate change and ballooning utility bills have become fashionable in the housing industry.

  • Square Peg, Round Hole

    A letter to the editor ... and the lighting profession