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  • Reauthorize HOPE VI, But Make a Few Changes First

    I am no longer an administration official so let me reveal a personal but, for me, necessary inconsistency between administration policy and my personal opinion: I think the HOPE VI program should be reauthorized, but not as currently conceived in legislation pending before Congress.

  • New Standards for Green Building

    The related issues of climate change and ballooning utility bills have become fashionable in the housing industry.

  • Square Peg, Round Hole

    A letter to the editor ... and the lighting profession

  • The Future Looks Bright

    As we assembled the content for this issue on daylighting, I have not been able to get the image of the Pantheon in Rome out of my head. Just say the word “daylighting” and my mind automatically leaps to that iconic interior image of the temple's coffered ceiling and oculus with a shaft of light...

  • Get Ready to Prosper

    By now, we have all realized that the rise in home mortgage defaults and the decline in home sales and prices are not just blips on the radar screen.

  • Response to the Nov/Dec 2007 Education Issue

  • Looking at the Big Picture

    As I was reporting on the capital markets outlook for this issue, I realized just how hard it is to get a realistic picture of capital availability and real estate valuations in the year ahead.

  • Educational Beginnings

  • Opportunity Amid Chaos

    After several years in which buyers lined up for each apartment building that came on the market, suddenly, I am getting mass mailings announcing apartments for sale.

  • A More Productive Product Discussion