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  • Coming to Grips with Job-Site Paperwork

    Certain forms and checklists are necessary on the job, but too much paper can drag down productivity. A veteran contractor shows his simple, streamlined approach to job-site record keeping.

  • Energy-Tight Framing

    Tight attic penetrations * Insulated partition catches * Common thermal bypasses * Sealing the band joist

  • Exterior Details

    Drainage EIFS * Brick veneer * Wood deck ledger * Flashing a window

  • Cordless Circular Saws

    We rounded up the beefiest battery-operated saws on the market and put them to the test.

  • Affordable Self-Leveling Lasers

    In this hands-on comparison, a finish carpenter reviews laser tools designed for interior layout, focusing on non-rotating self-leveling lasers that cost less than $600.

  • Choosing a Power Planer

    Hand-held power planers have many uses on the job site, from framing to finish. In this hands-on review, we look at power, weight, balance, depth of cut, and ease of blade changing to help you select the right tool.

  • Floor Framing With Steel

    Steel floor joists provide flat, stiff floors over long spans and, thanks to new span tables, are easy to size. If you’ve been thinking about framing with steel, floors are a good place to begin.