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  • Q&A: Tying into Old Armored Cable

    Q: Can you keep old armored-cable circuits, or should you replace them? If you disconnect old circuits, what’s the rule around tearing out old wire versus leaving it buried?

  • Q&A: Tying into Aluminum Wiring

    Q: Why not just tie into aluminum wiring?

  • Q&A: Concealed Splices in Remodels

    Q: What are the rules for dealing with old concealed splices?

  • Q&A: Switching from 3-Wire to 4-Wire 240-Volt Appliance

    Q: How do you wire a four-wire 240-volt appliance (kitchen range or dryer) if there used to be a three-wire appliance there?

  • Q&A: Extending the Depth of An Outlet in Remodeling

    Q: When you add a new layer of finish, what is the easiest way to bring the electrical boxes flush to the new wall surface?

  • Q&A: Putting New Devices in Old Boxes

    Q: What are the choices for putting new switch and outlet boxes in old walls? Any hints for attaching the boxes?

  • Q&A: Tips for Snaking Wires

    Q: Any tips for wire-snaking?

  • Q&A: Causes and Cures for Bubbling Laminate

    Q: Over the past five years, I’ve built more than 30 laminate countertops, and I’ve never had any problems with them. Recently, however, one of my countertops started to bubble in a few places about five weeks after I built it. I tried taking an iron and heating the laminate, then flattening it...

  • Q&A: Saw Blade Depth Adjustment

    Q: We have an ongoing debate on our job site concerning the proper way to adjust the blade depth on a circular saw. One group says that the blade should be set just slightly deeper than the thickness of the material being cut. The other group says that the blade should usually be left at the...

  • Q&A: Finishing a Basement Wall

    Q: I would like to install insulation and drywall to finish off a poured-concrete basement wall. Although the basement is high and dry, with no signs of moisture problems, I’m still concerned about condensation. I’d like to know where to install the vapor barrier, if any, and whether there is any...