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  • On Site with Roxul

    Hammer & Hand owner Sam Hagerman provides useful insights into the use of Roxul insulation, which his company is installing on a Passive House in Seattle.

  • Siding Best Practices Videos

    Chicago-based window and siding contractor, Greg Burnet, shares tips and techniques, and provides insight into the tools that work for efficiently siding homes.

  • Siding Best Practices from JLC Live - Cutting

    Increasing speed while maintaining accuray is the name of the game for efficiently cutting siding boards to length

  • Siding Best Practices from JLC Live - Setup

    The key to becoming efficient and profitable on siding jobs lies in how well you set up the job, and how quickly and accurately you can estimate it.

  • Siding Best Practices from JLC Live - Installation

    In a final series of videos, Greg Burnet runs down some of the gigs and tools he uses to efficiently install horizontal siding.

  • Video Series: Soffit Venting

    Most of the time soffit venting is done wrong. In this three-part JLC-Live video, Peter Heard explains how to do it right.

  • Video Series - High Tech Drywall

    In this seven-part video series, JLC contributor and JLC Live presenter, Myron Ferguson, introduces the latest types of drywall and demonstrates some tips and tricks for working with them.