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More stories about ASHRAE

  • IESNA, USGBC, and ASHREA Partner on Green Building Standards

    As sustainable building strategies continue to be incorporated into mainstream construction processes, individual organizations are coming together, lending their particular areas of expertise in order to create a baseline set of green building standards, which are both comprehensive and...

  • QUESTION: How do you feel the adoption of an energy code will affect the future of professional lighting design?

    QUESTION: As of July 15, 2004, all states must certify that they have established energy codes that meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1-1999, or clarify why they cannot comply. The new code requirements impose stricter power allowances for most spaces, which many argue will hamper the creative...

  • Letters

    Locating vents away from soffits, top-down roofing, wormdrive saws, building paper recommendation, ASHRAE 62.2

  • In the News

    New ventilation standard, economics of OSB prices, ICFs resist test blasts, after the California fires, green building products

  • Notebook

    Harvard remodeling report analyzed, up-to-the-minute satellite weather for contractors, buildings damaged by swelling coal ash, questions about masonry wall strength, older U.S. homes too leaky, skid-steer accidents, California demands lower-VOC paint

  • Crawlspace Ventilation Update

    Most crawlspaces should be carefully sealed, not ventilated. In many areas, however, the codes are still catching up with best practice.

  • Notebook

    Coping with the labor shortage, water heater failures, higher fly ash content in concrete, new home ventilation standard

  • Notebook

    Home Depot targets high-end remodeling, Minnesota passes mechanical ventilation regs, fluorescents that fit, nail gun accident, EIFS policy change, DeWalt tool recall

  • Notebook

    Heatway & Goodyear square off in radiant tubing failure, L-P adds money to siding settlement, Senergy leaves EIFS group, dangers of fluorescent lamps, wood stoves & Y2K, mold lawsuits in Calif., benefits of insulating attics

  • Notebook

    Urban building boom under way, sick building study, EIFS manufacturer not liable for failures