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  • Azek Introduces Time-Saving Ready Rake and QuickCorner

    Two new products help save labor on exterior trim installations

  • Fastening and Finishing PVC Trim

    The best ways to get the most out of this popular material.

  • Starborn Pro Plug System for PVC

    A special tool and pre-made plugs help speed up the process of screwing down and plugging PVC deck boards.

  • Tightening a House When Replacing the Siding

    I don't think my client was planning on an energy retrofit when he first talked to me about repairing and repainting the shingle siding on his 120-year-old Massachusetts home.

  • Products

    Central-vac alternative; bay-front fireplace; wood-look decking; quick-dry latex paint; lighter bricks; more

  • Expanding a Narrow Laundry Room

    Cantilevering the floor and using the existing roof overhang kept costs down.

  • Products

    Accordion Screens ~ Ingenious Deck Spacers ~ Rolling Along ~ Weather-Resistant Wood Doors ~ Houdini Hutch ~ Practical Porch Railing ~ PVC Porch Decking ~ Impact-Resistant Acrylic

  • Products

    Pneumatic Shingle Knife ~ Cellular PVC Decking ~ Last Line of Defense ~ Closed-Cell Foam Sealant ~ Stable Shower Stall

  • Products

    Weatherproof Moldings ~ Lighter Fiber Cement ~ Impervious Siding ~

  • Not Just a Pretty Face

    While curb appeal still holds some cachet with buyers, it's what lies beneath a beautiful facade that really counts in the long run. Ted Cushman reports on the hard-won experience of Smokey Saduk, who has pioneered the use of low-maintenance synthetics backed by an impeccable weather barrier to...