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  • Not Just a Pretty Face

    While curb appeal still holds some cachet with buyers, it's what lies beneath a beautiful facade that really counts in the long run. Ted Cushman reports on the hard-won experience of Smokey Saduk, who has pioneered the use of low-maintenance synthetics backed by an impeccable weather barrier to...

  • Q&A: Compressive Strength Of Cellular PVC Trim

    Q. Compressive Strength Of Cellular PVC Trim What kind of compressive strength do cellular PVC trim products such as Azek have? Can they be safely sandwiched between a supporting column and a bearing beam, for example?

  • Building a Curved Portico

    Synthetic millwork gives this front entry porch a classic look.

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    Foundation Flood Vents - PVC vs Composite WoodTrim - All Hands on Deck - Sun Blockers

  • Products

    Super scooter, aluminum foothold, PVC trimboards, safer subfloor adhesive, prestained doors, replacement shower drain, cordless drills, lightweight backerboard, more