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More stories about Bosch

  • Toolbox

    DeWalt LaserChalkLine; Bosch 14.4-Volt Impactor; work lights; routers & accessories

  • Toolbox

    Grip-Rite joist-hanger nailers; masonry tools; storage

  • Tool Test: Trim Routers

    For light routing, these laminate trimmers do more with less

  • Tool Test: Combination Rotary Hammers

    The best 1 9/16-inch models are fast and compact, and sport sturdy side handles.

  • Toolbox

    Bosch RS20 reciprocating saw; concrete tools; knives

  • Tool Test: Door Planers for Door Hangers

    A good fence, versatile controls, and a long base for controlling snipe are key.

  • Toolbox

    Ridgid R3210 wormdrive saw; demolition tools; drill bits & drivers

  • Toolbox

    Fasco round-head stick nailer; DeWalt laser plumb bob; back-savers; electrical tools

  • Tool Test: Compact Rotary Hammers

    The best tools hit hard, drill fast, and stop immediately if the bit jams.

  • Toolbox

    Pacific Laser Systems PLS2; Ridgid cordless jigsaw; Tajima chalk and ink lines; chain saws and accessories; drywall tools