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  • Innovative Products for Builders & Remodelers

    JLC's annual pick of products designed to help you work faster, better, and smarter.

  • Tool Test: Sliding Compound Miter Saws

    A custom stairbuilder compares 13 saws, looking for the features that professional carpenters need.

  • Toolbox

    DrillSpotter exit hole locator, Wobble Light, gatemouth tool bag; layout tools; compactors

  • Toolbox

    Bosch compact belt sander; quick coping for flat moldings; hand-carry compressors; metal-working tools

  • Toolbox

    PC router kit, Festool jigsaw; high-tech tools; roofing tools

  • Toolbox: Ridgid R2600 Sander

    Ridgid R2600 sander, corded Hatchet; routers & accessories; sanders

  • Tool Test: Worm Drive Saws

    A West Coast framer tested eight 7 1/4-inch wormdrive saws to see how the newer models stack up against the old standbys. Here are his results.

  • Tool Test: Reciprocating Saws

    A veteran carpenter tests and reviews the current crop of pro-grade recip saws.

  • Toolbox

    Senco screw gun, Milwaukee metal-cutting saw, siding tools, cold weather gear

  • Toolbox: Cordless Jigsaws

    Cordless jigsaws; work lights, finish carpentry tools, tool organizers