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  • Working with Preprimed Wood Siding

    Factory priming protects wood siding from moisture and UV degradation until the finish paint can be applied. Here’s what to look for when speccing this cost-effective product.

  • Products

    Adjustable framing hangers, water-proof glue, faux stone veneer, self-clamping junction box

  • Products

    Double-bevel compound miter saw, graded glulams, all-in-one surge protector for the panel, versatile cable stripper

  • Suit Up OSHA-Style

    Personal safety equipment is no longer optional on job sites. Here’s what you need to know to select comfortable gear and use it properly.

  • For What It's Worth

  • Restoration Primer: Tips on Plaster Repair

  • Success With Exterior Stains

    A traditionalist discusses problems and solutions with exterior stains—based on a 120-year-old family painting tradition. Plus a NEB survey of the new clear finishes.