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  • HouseGuard Wall Ninja

    Water migrating through the basement wall is channelled out below the floor.

  • Dow Structural Insulated Sheathing: A Solution for Coastal Walls?

  • Where is the Next Edison Price?

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    Stucco weep screed detail, piggyback truss bracing, stud sensor clarifications, termites & foam, site safety reminder

  • Special Report: Insect Infestations in Buried Foam

    Rigid foam insulation used below grade provides hidden pathways for termites and carpenter ants, and makes it impossible to chemically treat the foundation. We examine the problem, the costs, and possible solutions.

  • Shared Septic Systems

    High water tables and poor soils preclude the use of conventional sewage treatment methods on some new and existing house sites. One solution is a system that combines a sand filter and shallow drainage field designed for use by more than one household.

  • Choosing High-Performance Caulks

    Confused by the competing claims of manufacturers? Here’s a guide to help you select the right caulk for tough jobs.

  • Pouring a Shallow Frost-Protected Slab

    A 4-foot-deep concrete frost wall can add thousands of dollars to the cost of a slab-on-grade addition. A Maine contractor explains how good drainage and rigid foam insulation can protect foundations placed above the frost line.

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    Foam insulation pitfalls, sticking deadbolts

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    Stamped drawings, fiberglass vs. cellulose, sink strainers