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  • JLC June Letters

    Risinger’s recent video sparks a debate about Tyvek, and a reader takes issue with foam-slicing saws.

  • DuPont ThermaWrap R5.0

    Polyester-lined Tyvek provides R-5 insulation

  • Solid Surfacing

    DuPont. The Corian Terra collection of solid surfaces, made with recycled materials, now includes 33 colors; five colors have at least 20% pre-consumer recycled resin content as certified by SCS.

  • Wilmington, Del.

    Home to many financial companies, Wilmington has been hit particularly hard by the recession. But local architects aren't completely without hope.

  • Climate Protection Council Formed

    The U.S. Conference of Mayors has recently formed the Climate Protection Council, aimed at bringing together business leaders and mayors to address climate change issues and discuss solutions for making cities more sustainable. The council was formed at the two-day Mayors Climate Protection Summit...

  • Products

    Pneumatic Shingle Knife ~ Cellular PVC Decking ~ Last Line of Defense ~ Closed-Cell Foam Sealant ~ Stable Shower Stall

  • LightShowers & ICFF DuPont Corian Surfaces Booth

    A multi-disciplinary project that utilizes several mediums, LightShowers defies classification. Described by its creators, New York City-based architects Michael Morris and Yoshiko Sato, as an “installation,” the combination of built components coupled with projected video imagery and lighting...

  • Fluorescents have no place in Zaha's futuristic kitchen

    the marriage between architect and manufacturer is almost always mutually beneficial: The architect is allowed to push the design and material envelope, and the manufacturer can prove the merits of its product in a high-profile manner. In the case of Z.Island-a futuristic kitchen complete with a...

  • Kitchen & Bath: From the Aisles of the K&B Show

    Products from the 2001 K&B Industry Show

  • Innovative Products for 2001

    Every year, product and tool manufacturers vie for your attention with the latest, greatest releases guaranteed to help you work faster, better, cheaper. Here’s our pick for 2001.