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  • Housewrap vs. Felt

    We’ve fielded a lot of questions from builders who use housewrap air barriers, but wonder how these new mate-ials compare with felt paper when it comes to keeping water out of the walls. An expert in wood technology draws on his own research to explain how the properties of housewraps and felt...

  • Letters

    Housewrap debate continues, job-site power tips, commonsense safety, roof framing math

  • Stucco Flashing Details

    Like most claddings, stucco is not watertight unless it’s properly flashed. A stucco contractor explains how to detail openings, penetrations, and terminations to keep the water out.

  • Building Technology: Fifteen Years of Change

    We take a look back at the new products and technologies that have changed the way we build.

  • Notebook

    Housewrap fares poorly in moisture tests, Denver builders and OSHA team up, CCA-treated wood under attack

  • Eight-Penny News

    Contractors working together, OSHA funding cuts spark changes, housewrap study

  • Solid Surface Countertops

    If you are a good finish carpenter, chances are you have the tools and skills needed to make and install solid surface counters. Here are step-by-step instructions by a remodeler who does all the work right on site.

  • Letters

  • Focus on Energy: Housewrap and Air Leakage New Studies

    Housewrap study

  • The Last Word (We Hope) on Vapor Barriers

    The moisture mavens at JLC tackle the tough questions we commonly hear from our readers about this ever murky, 6-mil membrane. We hope it puts to rest any lingering doubts.