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More stories about Festool

  • Can't get it here: Sword Saw

    Check out this video of Festool's Schwertsägen-sword saw. Unlike Prazi's attachment, this is a complete tool, with a base that allows it to be used with Festool track saws. Introduced into Europe in 2009, it will probably make its way to the U.S., although nobody knows when.

  • New Festool Cordless Track Saw

    While it turned a lot of heads at last month's JLC Live show in Providence, R.I., the cordless TSC 55 is not yet available in the U.S. What's up with that?

  • An Efficient Box Truck Build-Out

    An organized work vehicle can save you a ton of time and effort, and it might even double as a portable workplace.

  • Miter-Saw Stands - FastCap

    The basic FastCap Pro model has no wheels and comes with one continuous 64-inch wing with a metric or imperial scale and a flip stop. The rest of the stands have four wheels for better mobility, and include a variety of accessories.

  • Homemade Miter Saw Stands

    Many carpenters make their own saw stands, which they can tailor exactly to the work they do. These stands are their workbenches, and because the stands are wooden, users can nail or screw their accessories anywhere.

  • Festool Kapex UG Mobile Miter Saw Station

    This station is designed to pair with the Kapex saw that many high-end finish carpenters like to use. The two extension wings give continuous support and provide extra work surface that is ideal for trim work, and simple flip stops allow repetitive cuts.

  • Portable Miter-Saw Stands

    An informal survey reveals the most popular manufactured models, plus some ingenious homemade options.

  • Tips for Building a Double Winder Stair

    In building this double winder stair, remodeler Dave Holbrook used modular boxes to stack one tread and riser at a tim.

  • Modular Tool Organizers

    Tool organizers from Festool, DeWalt, and Bosch. Choose which system best fits your needs depending on work style, budget, and level of customization.

  • Dressing Up A Garage Door

    Wooden “skins” add a classy touch to an insulated steel overhead door