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  • GE Edison Award: Call for Entries

    GE Consumer & Industrial Lighting has announced a call for entries for its 23rd annual Edison Award Competition, recognizing quality in professional lighting designs that employ the use of GE lamps. The competition is open to professional designers, architects, engineers, and consultants, and this...

  • GE Award Winners

    The 22nd Annual GE Awards were announced on April 11, in the usual kick off event to Lighfair 2005. In addition to the Edison Award, there were three Awards of Excellence; two Awards for Sustainability Design; and five Awards of Merit.

  • 23 Annual GE Edison Awards


  • 23 Annual GE Edison Awards

    : Dennis Vogel, Keith Irtenkauf, and Sonia Noble for The Guardian Building Renovation, Detroit, Michigan, USA

  • Winners of Three Major Awards Programs

    The winners of three major lighting awards programs-the GE Edison Awards, the International Association of Lighting Designers' Lighting Design Awards, and the Illuminating Engineering Society of America's Lumen Awards-have been announced. Click below for program information, lists of winners, and...