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  • Massachusetts Public Housing Exec Forced Out in Salary Scandal

  • Remodeling for Accessibility

    Recently my Chicago-based construction company renovated a second-floor apartment in a 19-story building to make it more user-friendly for disabled and elderly residents.

  • In Florida, Wildfire Risk Looms

  • America Circa 2030: The Boom To Come

    In 2030, there will be 106.8 billion square feet of new development, about 46 percent more built space than existed in 2000—a remarkable amount of construction to occur within a generation.

  • Wall Bracing and the IRC

    Section R602.10 of the International Residential Code calls for "braced wall lines" composed of "braced wall panels." The location, width, and construction details of these braced wall panels, as well as the materials that can be used to build them, are spelled out in the code's text, tables, and...

  • Notebook

    HUD issues lead regs; making drywall from smokestack sludge; new technology yields straighter studs; wastewater disposal in Alaska; more

  • Notebook

    Is lumber quality improving?; failing GFCIs; tools recalled; reusing wastewater out West; more

  • Products

    Rebar safety caps; junction box fits peak of cathedral ceiling; new drywall anchor; fold-up wheelbarrow; plastic structural lumber; drywall repair compound; shingle clips hold tools while you work on the roof; more

  • Resources

    Steel framing guides

  • Notebook

    Watershed defects lawsuit hits California courts, fastest house ever built, vinyl siding overtakes wood, foam form research underway