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More stories about Honeywell

  • Downsized Programming

    Honeywell's Prestige IAQ thermostat is 60% smaller than the companyís other programmable models

  • Better See to It: New Initiative Sets Its Sights on Eye Safety

    A partnership between Prevent Blindness America and the Uvex brand empowers workers to promote eye safety.

  • Technology Licensing

    Technology licensing turns years of research and development into products that can be quickly made commercially available across the industry, matching their utility to existing supplier brands, manufacturing facilities, distribution networks and expertise. This article will review some of the...

  • Products

    Window Seal ~ Job-Site Heat ~ Bamboo Countertops ~ Durable Decking ~ New Plastic Trim ~ Deck Drainage ~ Dramatic Door ~ Hollow-Point Bit ~ Safety Plugs ~ High-R Insulation

  • Connecting to the Future

    Home wiring no longer means just phone and electric. From simple lighting controllers to whole-house integrated systems for data, security, and entertainment, the residential automation market is exploding with options.

  • Products

    Removable concrete anchors, work lights, plug-in GFCI, heavy-duty paint stripper, solution for wet basements, ver-satile pry bar, sliding truck mount for toolboxes

  • Focus on Energy: Reclaiming Heat From Boilers

    Strap-on aquastat saves energy in hydronic systems

  • For What It's Worth

    Dump-bed retrofit for pickups, digital deadbolt, no-itch fiberglass batts

  • Focus On Energy: Choosing a Furnace Filter

    Furnace filters are not all alike

  • For What It's Worth

    Wider drywall, tough job light