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  • Lightolier

    Vetro luminaires from Lightolier feature clean lines and elegant proportions. Machined aluminum outer housings contain electrical components.

  • william f. blitzer

    This January, Bill Blitzer brought a sketch back from Australia. It showed how to integrate lighting into a residential skylight. Observing that climate and home construction techniques in Western Australia make skylights an important and well-refined technology, Bill suggested that we might learn...

  • Lightolier

    Lightolier's new F7000 Lighting System includes seven series of fluorescent modules, each specifiable in different lighting distributions and luminous textures. Carefully scaled for today's interior spaces, F7000 provides a wide range of lighting effects, including ambient illumination from pendant...

  • Light Fixtures Get Smart

    Manufacturers are realizing the vision of integrating lighting fixtures with lighting automation. Together, these products increase application flexibility and worker satisfaction, while reducing energy costs.

  • Lightolier Turns 100

    Lighting manufacturer Lightolier is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The Fall River, Massachusetts-based company was originally incorporated as the New York Gas Appliance Company by Bernhard Blitzer.

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    Switching lights with X10 controllers

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    Ten-year smoke detector, temporary plastic door latch, quiet attic fan, vinyl railing system

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