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  • Repairing Cracked Granite at Sink Cutouts

    Water leaking from a faulty sink installation can ultimately cause a granite countertop to crack above the steel reinforcing rod. Here's how to fix it.

  • 18-Volt Cordless Recip Saws

    Cordless is convenient, but not if it sacrifices power and runtime. This tool test puts 10 cordless recip saws through their paces.

  • Metabo LF724 Paint Remover

    Last year one of my remodeling projects involved stripping the paint off a large area of wood siding.

  • Metabo PowerGrip II Cordless Drill

    A conventional-sized cordless drill is a bit much for tasks like installing cabinet doors and electrical devices; a better option would be a cordless screwdriver such as Metabo's palm-sized PowerGrip II.

  • Metabo KHE 56 SDS-Max Rotary Hammer

    The Metabo KHE 56 SDS-Max Rotary Hammer has vibration-dampening side and rear handles, a 14-amp motor, adjustable impact energy, electronic speed control, and a protective clutch.