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  • Products

    Cleaner caulk, new gutter guards, designer siding, bathroom defogger, sconce lighting, safety rails, fiberglass tub and shower wall, durable work wear

  • Notebook

    Remodelers lobby Washington, Y2K fix for QuickBooks, EPA cracks down on lead paint, bad siding suit decided, energy code trade-offs

  • Notebook

    Tariffs on drilled studs may be reinstated, Arizona OSHA found liable in job-site death, becoming an expert witness, tax law on sub vs. employee

  • Commonsense Safety: Lessons Learned

    Accidents happen, even on OSHA-approved job sites. When it comes to day-to-day operations, these stories from working contractors show that sound judgment and common sense are the keys to working safely.

  • Legal Adviser: Avoiding Liability for Subs

    Avoiding liability for subcontractor errors

  • Notebook

    Contractor referral services, International Building Code becoming reality, OSHA enforcing fall protection rules

  • Strictly Business: Site Rules for Subs

    Site rules for subcontractors

  • Letters

    OSHA rule on ridgehook ladders, plastic vs. copper plumbing, more on moment frames

  • Notebook

    Housewrap fares poorly in moisture tests, Denver builders and OSHA team up, CCA-treated wood under attack

  • Legal Advisor: Closing Workers Comp Liability Loopholes

    Safety liability update