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More stories about Pyrolave

  • Pyrolave Enameled Lava Stone Countertop

    According to the manufacturer, you can safely lay a hot pan on this Pyrolave countertop's surface. The product's signature look is a delicate crazing that appears in the glazing during manufacture. Built-in drain boards and sinks are available.

  • Lava Lure: Pyrolave Volvic Lava Stone Surfaces

    Able to withstand high temperatures, acid, and corrosion, these enameled lava stone countertops add as much durability to a kitchen or bath as they do style.

  • Enamel-Glazed Work Surface

    Pyrolave is made from slabs of lava extracted from a volcanic crater in France, then glazed with enamel and fired in a 1,000°F kiln.