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More stories about Skidmore Owings & Merrill

  • City Lights Events

    The two-stage international design competition to create an innovative, state-of-the-art fixture design that responds to New York City's unique architectural and urban landscape, while meeting performance requirements for a city streetlight is nearing completion. In anticipation of selecting a...

  • Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina

    trading floors are traditionally gloomy, stifling, windowless, and intense working environments crammed with professionals either scurrying about or enchained to desks. But Bank of America's (BoA) Charlotte, North Carolina, trading floor-winner of 2005 Lumen and IIDA Award of Excellence...

  • Eleven Projects Recognized at Annual Lumen Awards

    Hosted again at Chelsea Piers on Manhattan's West Side, the Lumen Awards dinner on June 15 attracted a record 600-person crowd from New York's Design community (and beyond). Sponsored by the Illuminating Engineering Society of New York, the annual awards event-37 years and counting-recognizes...

  • City Lights Design Competition

    The city of New York designs a new street light, incorporating energy efficiency and a bright, even light.

  • A Streetlight

    A streetlight. it seems a simple proposition–a pole and a light source. But ask any of the entrants who tackled this challenge in the two-stage City Lights Design Competition, and they will tell you otherwise.

  • 2006 Lumen Awards

    On June 14, 2006 the