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    All his life, people asked him when he had first thought of becoming an architectural lighting designer. After all, growing up in Zanesville, OH, in the early years of the last century, there weren't too many role models. 'Always,' he insisted. He said that what drove him was the poor lighting in...

  • Highlight: Yale University Art Gallery

    Modern architecture, with its exposed concrete, glass, and steel expanses, does not age gracefully. The Yale University Art Gallery, designed by architecture great Louis Kahn, is no exception. As Yale's first modernist building, completed in 1953, and Kahn's first major commission and collaboration...

  • Letters

    Flashing flanged windows; questions on corroding copper pipe; reactions to Advantech article; ventilation makeup air

  • Q&A: Upstairs Window Egress Rules

    Q: I know that the sill of an egress window in a second-floor bedroom must be no higher than a certain distance from the floor to allow for easy escape. But what if it’s a tall window that is only 12 inches off the floor? Is this a code violation?

  • Letters

    Fire separation assembly clarification, comments on new pressure-treated wood categories, Marvin Windows responds to article, support for women in the trades

  • New Tools & Materials for '99

    Every year, we keep our eyes peeled for products that solve common job-site problems in a unique or inventive way. This year's collection has something for every phase of construction.

  • Clear Finishes for Interior Woodwork

    A trio of professional painters tell how to match a clear finish to the job and provide tips for blemish-free application.

  • Letters

    Code compliance concerns, strap tie questions

  • Strictly Business: Job-Controls for Better Management

    Managing better with job controls

  • Letters

    Laying subfloor correctly, receptacle wiring