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  • Material Problems

    Shortages in rare-earth elements are challenging fluorescent lamp costs.

  • Leaman Named New Osram Sylvania CEO

    has named Rick Leaman as president and CEO of the company, effective Oct. 1, 2009. Leaman will succeed Charlie Jerabek, who will assume a new role as the company's vice chairman.

  • Load Shedding and Lighting: The New Frontier

    The energy crisis in the early 2000s highlighted the fragile state of the nation's power infrastructure. High demand quickly outpaced available energy, leaving many people in the dark during the hottest days of the year. The rolling blackouts continued for months in some parts of the country, and...

  • Survey Finds Majority of Consumers are Unaware of the Incandescent Bulb Ban

    Osram Sylvania has released the results of its first annual Socket Survey, documenting consumer interest in energy-efficient lighting—including the discovery that a majority of consumers are unaware of the ban on most incandescent bulbs, as mandated by the Energy Independence and Security Act of...

  • 78 Percent of Consumers Unaware of Incandescent Bulb Ban

    Osram Sylvania's Socket Survey Revels Consumer's Use and Knowledge of Efficient Lighting

  • Sylvania, Besa, Permalight, Schuler Shook, and Crestron Moves and Announcements, September 17, 2008

    Sylvania, Besa, Permalight, Schuler Shook, and Crestron

  • Lamps | Ballasts | Controls

  • Lightcongress Explores Earth Day Themes

  • Osram Awarded Primetime Emmy Engineering Award

    Osram Sylvania has received the Primetime Emmy Engineering Award from The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in recognition of outstanding engineering development for its HMI metal halide lamp technology. Osram's HMI lamps first debuted in a television broadcast in 1969 and have since become a...

  • CFL Recycling Solution

    Osram Sylvania is now offering two compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) recycling options to individual consumers and small communities to make proper disposal and recycling of spent mercury-containing CFLs more convenient. The MiniPak CFL mail-back recycling kit is a 6-inch cube that holds up to 15...