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More stories about Trex

  • Products

    Wrap-around shades, compact truck rack, sleek wallplates; decking; pneumatic fasteners

  • Letters

    Deck details, defending gable vents, screening chimney pots

  • The Business of Building Green

    A custom builder describes how he has made a profitable niche of building houses for environmentally conscious

  • Products

    Crawlspace ventilation system, cordless chop saw, adjustable door holder, dormer trim kit, earth-friendly decking, acrylic-block door insert, retrofit shower system, small skid-steer loader, more

  • Wood Composite Decking

    Whether solid or hollow in section, these products promise durability and low maintenance without cracks or splinters.

  • Building Screened Porches

    High-quality materials and streamlined production methods enable this Virginia builder to provide distinctive porches at a reasonable price and still make a good profit.

  • Deck Railing Options

    Plastic, wood-composite, and metal railing systems simplify installation and reduce maintenance while giving your clients the look they want.

  • Rot-Resistant Decking Options

    A few years ago, the main choices for rot-proof decking were redwood and pressure-treated lumber. Environmental concerns and the search for low-maintenance materials have spawned a host of new products, including new hardwoods, wood-plastic composites, and synthetic materials.

  • Job-Site Report -- Working with Trex Lumber

    What’s it like to work with the plastic-based decking products that have recently hit the market? A builder tells the story of his first time out with one of the more promising materials.

  • Innovative Building Products

    Manufacturers of plastics and composites are finding ways to replace traditional materials with products that are lighter, stronger, more durable, and less expensive. Here’s a look at what’s new at the lumberyard.