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  • Maine Gets Its First Statewide Code

    It’s long been known that sunlight reflected from low-E windows can melt vinyl siding, but the management of a “green” Las Vegas hotel is confronted by a similar problem on a vastly larger scale.

  • Lawsuit Claims LEED Certification Is False and Misleading

    Class action suit holds that the "green" project rating system is just a marketing gimmick that harms the interests of non-LEED building performance experts.

  • Is Rain-Screen Siding Worth the Effort?

    It's good insurance against problems caused by wind-driven rain, but experts wonder whether the additional cost is necessary.

  • More Focus Needed on Data Collection

    There is a great deal we know about how to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of building operations, but there is also a great deal we don't know.

  • JLC Report April 2010

    Skepticism greets California’s green-building code; a closer look at green paints; Hitachi recalls coil framing nailers after injuries; more

  • Valuing Green Design and Construction

    For most people, finding and making a home is a very personal process of self-expression and self-determination.

  • Previous survey results: Green Building recently asked readers about their efforts in building green affordable housing.

  • Bridging the Gap Between Preservation and Transit

    A key place where green building and affordable housing goals coincide is access to transit.

  • Disaster Turns a Town Green

    GREENSBURG, KAN.—This town could have been a memory after May 4, 2007, when a tornado blew through the streets, knocking down just about every wall and killing 11.

  • In the News

    Pennsylvania house is first recipient of new green standard’s top rating; Pulte buys Centex; sprinkler battle continues at state level; more