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  • The Legal Risks of Building Green

    The sudden popularity of all things green is exposing builders — whether they know it or not — to new legal risks. There are risks associated with drafting the contract, navigating the permit approval process, and resolving disputes over projects that fail to achieve their sustainability goals.

  • Hearst Tower

    When the Hearst Tower was completed in 2006, it became the first office tower in New York City to be certified LEED Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council for both its core and shell as well as its interior fit out. In part, it garnered this distinction for its use of daylighting controls, which...

  • Performance Points

    Earning LEED certification might become easier for lighting designers as they look to play a more prominent role in the development of new LEED credits and guidelines.

  • In the News

    Chinese drywall investigated in Florida; West Virginia builder sued for installing fake radon systems; green building stats fall short; more

  • Disaster Turns a Town Green

    GREENSBURG KAN. This town disappeared on May 4, 2007, when a tornado blew through the streets, knocking down just about every wall and killing 11.

  • Enterprise Turns Its NMTC Award to Green

    COLUMBIA, MD.—Enterprise will use its new $95 million New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) award to finance environmentally sustainable developments in low-income communities.

  • Seal of Approval for Historic Green Rehab

    GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.—Before Verne Barry could help others, he had to rehabilitate himself.

  • Broadway Crossing Serves Community

    SEATTLE—In April 2007, a young married couple moved into Broadway Crossing after four years of living in motels and homeless shelters. Both Melissa Ellis and Dan Walker were recovering from methamphetamine addiction. Their son, Rowan, was just 2 months old.

  • In the News

    hub for cooking and entertainment

  • USGBC Awards Lighting Research Center Grant for Daylight Study