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  • In the News

    Homeland Security reconsiders "no match" rule; Harvard Joint Center's Kermit Baker forecasts betters days for remodeling; more

  • JPI Bets Green

    Herndon, Va.— Luxury apartment developer JPI has committed to create some of the first apartments designed to meet exacting new standards for energy efficiency and healthy living.

  • Delta Air Lines Terminal A, Boston

    Logan International Airport in Boston currently ranks 20th in the nation in passenger volume, according to its website, and in the mid-1990s it initiated a modernization project, mainly to improve roadways and terminals. To that end, the airport and Delta Air Lines wanted to create “a terminal to...

  • Breakline: Green Mandates

    Green Mandates ~ Mapping Disaster

  • Regional News

    CHICAGO—Centerline Holding Co. said it has provided $30.5 million in equity financing for phase II of Roosevelt Square Apartments here. The HOPE VI program provided an additional $17 million for phase II.

  • Observations from Practice

    Too often clients have old expectations, assuming that we will be able to light the new building the same way we lit the old building, to the same light levels and with the same flexibility.

  • GRAM Green

    In Michigan, Kulapat Yantrasast of why architecture designs what is set to be the nation's first LEED-certified art museum.

  • Regional News

    MINNEAPOLIS Kingsley Commons, one of only three apartment communities in the country specifically designed for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), recently opened in the northern section of the city. The project is the result of a joint effort by the Minnesota chapter of the National MS Society...

  • Sustainability and Lighting: Lightfair Roundtable

  • Gatehouse Mixes Supportive Housing with SmallBusiness

    BOSTON, MASS. - The new Gatehouse building isn’t just home to 14 recently homeless individuals or people at risk of becoming homeless.