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  • Designers Revisit Sustainability

    Designers discuss the impact of sustainability on the architectural and lighting design process.

  • letter to the editor

    in response to 'leed: what it means for lighting design,' july/aug

  • Night Watch: Checking in with the Dark Sky Movement

    The October release of the IDA Model Lighting Ordinance 2005.3 promises to further a movement that has already made great strides.

  • where to go...

    To learn more about the LEED program, visit

  • Daylighting Design Update: One Year Later

    Daylighting design practices are changing at, well, the speed of light. New resources, design tools, and products have improved opportunities in this field in just one short year.

  • Candela Promotes MacLeod

    in Seattle has announced that Lauren MacLeod, Senior Lighting Designer, and a LEED Accredited Professional has been promoted to Associate.

  • Osram Sylvania releases online tool

    has released

  • IESNA, USGBC, and ASHREA Partner on Green Building Standards

    As sustainable building strategies continue to be incorporated into mainstream construction processes, individual organizations are coming together, lending their particular areas of expertise in order to create a baseline set of green building standards, which are both comprehensive and...

  • Green Alternatives to Traditional Building Materials

    Q: I live in northern coastal California, in the heart of the redwoods. We're currently remodeling a simple structure (in a highly visible town-square location) into an elaborately detailed storefront, in keeping with the surrounding 1880s architecture. While all the vintage storefronts (and their...

  • Boston Redevelopment Beats the Odds

    BOSTON - Skeptics say that HOPE VI redevelopments take too long to complete, cost too much, and provide too little public housing.