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More stories about Velux

  • Velux GXU Roof Access Window

    The window swings open enough to satisfy emergency egress requirements.

  • Working On a SIPs Roof

    A look at the techniques used to add skylights and thermal solar collectors to a foam-core roof.

  • The Skylight Series

    Velux promotes daylighting through a number of sponsored studios

  • Daylight & Architecture

  • Velux Daylighting Initiatives

  • Light of Tomorrow

    Paying tribute to daylight, the 2006 International Velux Award encourages students of architecture to discuss, simulate, and rethink daylight in a role in which it is not merely moderated by the architecture, but becomes a crucial primary aspect of the design. 'Light of Tomorrow,' the theme of the...

  • Retrofitting Skylights

    A skylight specialist walks through his procedures for retrofitting skylights in existing homes, including selling the job, layout, and installation.

  • Skylight Options and Accessories

    The difference between one skylight and another is in the details. Here’s an overview of add-ons for roof windows.

  • Problem-Solving Tools and Materials

    Here’s a look at new and noteworthy products we think will help you build better, faster, and smarter.

  • For What It's Worth

    Zero-clearance chimney, fire-proof caulk, pre-cut membrane flashing for skylights