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  • 30 Years of JLC

    A look back at the highlights from 30 years covering the building and construction industry.

  • Rake Wall Framing

    A system for framing, sheathing, and siding rake walls on the deck, regardless of pitch or wall height.

  • Framing Decks With Steel Joists

    A New Jersey deck builder describes the advantages of steel framing

  • The Case of the Leaky Sunspace and the Brick Wall

    For years water dripped into offices housed in a glass enclosure -- for days after rainstorms had stopped. Do you know why and how to fix it?

  • The Gentrification Dilemma

    Hunter College professor Tom Angotti on how these informal acts of urbanism raise questions about gentrification.

  • Notes on Minor Urbanism

    U of Buffalo associate professor Mark Shepard on how the practice of parkour can guide our view of the city.

  • North Dakota’s Oil Boom: How Architects are Planning for the Future

    The fracking oil industry has descended on North Dakota, bringing with it thousands of workers. The mind-blowing pace of development has local officials scrambling to plan for the future.

  • Jennifer Liang, CID

    How this architect-turned-interior-design professor balances teaching, designing, and her home life.

  • Frederick + Frederick Architects

    How this firm has secured new clients with its blog.

  • UrbanLab

    Their research into Chicago's infrastructure led to a project.