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  • Materials Report: Plastic Decking

    Plastic and composite deck boards offer real advantages, but they require a builder’s savvy to choose and use. Here’s what the experts say about plastic lumber in the lab … and what type of performance you can expect to see in the real world.

  • Roof Ventilation for Coastal Homes

    Rhode Island builder Mike Guertin shares his strategies for beating leaks caused by wind-driven rain entering roof vents — and how to navigate building codes and shingle warranties in the process.

  • Vacation-Home Security

    The term “security system” takes on a meaning far beyond “burglar alarms” when you’re working on high-end beachfront resort homes that remain unoccupied for long periods. Such was the lesson learned when a fire devastated this historic house on Martha’s Vineyard. The rebuilt structure now includes...

  • Evaluating OSB for Coastal Roofs

    After Hurricane Andrew, Florida code advisers ruled OSB sheathing inferior to plywood. Was this judgment too hasty? Here's what the experts say.

  • Speccing Windows in High-Wind Zones

    In regions vulnerable to wind-borne debris and hurricane-force winds, the code offers more than one way for coastal builders to comply with new impact-resistance rules.

  • Painting the Coastal Home

    Exterior paint takes a beating from intense sun and salt spray, and the demands of

  • High-Wind Asphalt Roofing

    For a long-lasting roof on the coast, be meticulous, use wind rated shingles, and keep plenty of peel-and-stick-tape on hand.

  • Piling it On

    Storm surge can exert pressures against pilings in the hundreds or even thousands of pounds per square foot. Post-storm analysis may result in new design standards for oceanfront homes.

  • Survival of the Fittest

    Interview: Eric Borden of ESB Contracting

  • Weather­Tight Exteriors

    Keeping Moisture Out of Oceanfront Homes