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  • Union Square

    Union Square in the heart of New York City has long been a central gathering place for individuals and families for relaxation, play, performance, and social protest. The density of this urban space is further enhanced as a result of the major subway transit hub located under the park, and the...

  • 125th Anniversary Gala

    In May 2006, Linnaea Tillett was approached by Mark Wigley, dean of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP), who was interested in Tillett designing the light installation for Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture's 125th Anniversary Gala.

  • 20 Presenters, 20 Slides, 20 Seconds

    The informal, rapid-fire presentation style known as Pecha Kucha is Powerpoint's hip, younger cousin.

  • Old Masters in Plaster

    The Carnegie Museum of Art lifts the fig leaf from its 100-year-old collection of plaster casts.

  • Coastal Building Resources

    Daunting as the coastal climate can be, the home-building industry has the capacity to construct homes capable of withstanding the ravages of hurricane-force winds, floods, home-crushing waves, incessant rain, high humidity, short drying cycles, scorching sun, and corrosive concentrations of salt...

  • Hurricane-Resistant Concrete Homes

    Following the 2004 hurricane season, Florida-based Mercedes Homes paired up with researchers at the DOE's Building America program to design and build a truly hurricane-resistant home. But as researchers and builders have come to understand only too well, a home that provides complete protection...

  • Raising Carolina

    As CEO of Stormont and Company Builders of Kitty Hawk, N.C., Paul Buske builds homes on the Outer Banks that are a far cry from the simple one-story cottages he spent summers in during the 1960s and 1970s. These typically wide, tall custom homes stand on piling foundations; include complex roofs...

  • Sculpting with Light

    Some projects simply include lighting in their design, others root light in their core. The Bloch Building, the new addition to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, is one such project.

  • Highlight: House of Sweden

    With the recently completed House of Sweden in Washington, D.C., this Nordic nation has created a “home away from home.” Located in Georgetown, on a prime waterfront site overlooking the banks of the Potomac River and bordering Rock Creek, the building celebrates the country's Scandinavian...

  • GRAM Green

    In Michigan, Kulapat Yantrasast of why architecture designs what is set to be the nation's first LEED-certified art museum.