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  • Overtime Pay Laws

    What you need to know about the new overtime pay laws

  • Know When To Walk and When Not To

    Just as it sounds, "breach of contract" means that someone has not done what he contractually promised to do. But a breach of contract does not automatically mean that the contract is dead — that is, unenforceable.

  • Why Operate Legally?

    It's hard to be competitive when you do everything you're supposed to, yet know the system is rigged against you if you don't.

  • When Employees Leave for Military Service

    At the end of their military service, people who are honorably discharged are entitled to return to work, even when an absence spans up to five years.

  • How Bidding Errors Affect the Contract

    I just had to explain the doctrine of "mutual mistake" to a small bidder on a local construction project. It was painful for both of us: painful for me because I didn't like telling him he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, and painful for him because he was stuck.How bidding errors affect...

  • Protect What's Yours -- Incorporate

    A lot of small construction companies are incorporated. There are so many advantages to being incorporated, it surprises me everybody doesn't do it.

  • What Happens When You Go to Arbitration?

    The ins and outs of arbitration

  • When You Have To Terminate a Contract

    A short time ago I got a call from a builder with whom I've worked for many years. He usually seeks legal advice before jumping into something new, but this time he was a bit slow to check in. The builder had terminated a homeowner's renovation contract before the work was complete and was being...

  • How Long Should You Keep Business Records?

    What should you do with all those old business records that you store in file cabinets, boxes, and stacks in the corner? Do you have to keep them forever?

  • Why Subs Must Carry Liability Insurance

    As the general contractor, you have liability insurance to protect you from claims for bodily injury or property damage caused by your negligence. So why, you ask, is it important for your subs to have liability insurance, too?