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  • Step Flashing vs. Continuous Flashing

    Do a little homework before abandoning the decades-long practice of using step flashing with asphalt shingles.

  • Neutral Necessity: Wiring Three-Way Switches

    In the latest National Electric Code, every switch box in a habitable room or bathroom must now have a neutral (more accurately referred to as a “grounded conductor”).

  • Kabul Suicide Bomb Claims Lives of Skateistan Students

    Four of six children killed in a suicide-bomb attack in Kabul this month were volunteers and youth leaders at Afghanistan's Skateistan, a novel design initiative funded in part by Architecture for Humanity.

  • Notes From the Biennale: Politics and Pavilions

    Twitter reactions to the second public day of the 2012 Venice Biennale include more pavilion pics, and the first signs of the preview crowds moving on.

  • A Look Inside the Nordic Pavilion at the 2012 Venice Biennale

    During the preview of the 2012 Venice Biennale, ARCHITECT took a quick glimpse inside other pavilions, including the Nordic Pavilion, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

  • Common Ground, the 13th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale, Opens This Week

    Richard Ingersoll tours the central pavilion, which features an exhibition designed by director David Chipperfield and installations from Alvaro Siza and Zaha Hadid.

  • National Academy for Environmental Design Seeks Executive Director To Launch Operations

    A design-world equivalent of the National Academy of Science or National Institutes of Health, the brand new National Academy of Environmental Design is conducting a search for an executive director.

  • Envision Design Merges with Perkins+Will

    Sustainability-focused Washington, D.C., practice, led by Ken Wilson and Diana Horvat and known for its workplace interiors, becomes a part of Perkins+Will effective today.

  • High Marginal Tax Rates for the Wealthy Are Good for Architecture

    A high marginal tax rate for the wealthiest citizens, such as the one recently imposed in France by President Francois Hollande, would do wonders for architecture in the United States. Derek Thompson, Dylan Matthews, Hamilton Nolan, and Matthew Yglesias debate the point.

  • Blaze Reported at One World Trade Center Called a False Alarm

    Firefighters were called to One World Trade Center to put out a fire on the 88th floor, but one official is calling it a false alarm. If it is, it wouldn't be the first.