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More stories about PRODUCTS

  • Masonite Hamel Solid Core Interior Door

    These doors offer a primed hardboard finish and are available with a renewable wheat straw core or with a 20-minute fire rating.

  • Annoyance-Free Alarm

  • Real Carriage Barn-Style Door Kits

    When space is at a premium, barn-style doors offer a space-saving solution. These doors are available in several wood species as well as salvaged wood. The kit consists of the door and track and roller hardware.

  • Certainteed Health Product Declarations for Ceiling Tiles

    Certainteed now publishes HPDs for its ceiling tile products, listing all the ingredients, and it has plans to extend this practice to all its products.

  • All Weather Fence GForce Hinge

    Unlike traditional strap-style hinges, the flanges of the GForce Hinge grab the top and bottom of the gate's 2-by rail, using the gate's weight to compress the wood grain and limit sagging.

  • Rust-O-Leum BIN

    BIN Advanced primer and sealer uses synthetic rather than natural shellac, for a low odor, and is water-based so cleanup is easier.

  • Renaissance Induction Range

    The cooktop on this 30-inch Induction Range heats only under cookware, using electromagnetic energy to stimulate a pot’s iron molecules.

  • MasterChem Industries Kilz Pro-X 100 Series Interior Paint

    The 100 series of paints claims to offer better hide, improved sprayability, and easier touchups, at an affordable price.

  • Fypon Mesa Beam

    This polyurethane beam sports a woodgrain texture and comes pre-primed. Useful for both interior and exterior applications, the beam's hollow core ensures that it's lightweight, too.

  • Summit Appliances Ingenious Refrigerator

    This counter-depth refrigerator packs 18 cubic feet of storage into a compact footprint and offers some handy features, including Power Cool for rapidly cooling the fridge compartment after loading groceries.