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More stories about Toolbits

  • Affordable Video Scope For Site Inspections

    With a price tag of just $200, the VS36-10WD Video Scope may hasten the day when every remodeler has an inspection scope in his or her tool kit.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Break

    Aluminum fabricators who fly solo might appreciate the Ultima Plus Alum-A-Brake, which has a removable work table that pops off in five seconds, lightening the load by 20 pounds.

  • Heavy-Duty Metal Cutter

    Kett recently upgraded its AN3000 nibbler.

  • Patterned Welding Helmets

    Hard hats festooned with sports logos have been available for years.

  • Powerful Pliers

    Channellock says its new 8-inch High-Leverage Lineman’s Plier (#368) requires considerably less cutting force than the competition, thanks to increased leverage achieved by moving the rivet forward, closer to the cutting edges.

  • Tough Masonry Drill Bits

    If you accidentally hit rebar with a SpeedHammer Power SDS-plus Masonry Bit, you might be able to keep the cursing to a minimum.

  • Convenient Tool-Storage Containers

    Festool has upgraded its stackable carrying cases by replacing the old thumb-busting latches with easy- to-turn knobs that open, close, and connect boxes.

  • Improved Recip Blades

    Lenox says its T2 demolition and wood-cutting reciprocating-saw blades now cut 25 percent faster than earlier models and last twice as long.

  • Simplified Crown Molding

    The Cut-N-Crown System features a plastic jig that replicates a molding's spring angle so that you can cut both sides of a miter without resetting the saw.

  • Tight-Space Drill

    With LED lighting and a head length of only 3 3„4 inches, Milwaukee's M18 Cordless 3„8" Right-Angle Drill Driver might make life a bit easier for cabinet installers - or anyone who works in dark cramped quarters.