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More stories about Toolbits

  • Infrared Camera

    Flir's upgraded i7 exceeds the proposed RESNET resolution standards for energy auditing, says the company.

  • Industrial Metal Master 20 Portable Sheetmetal Brake

    The Industrial Metal Master 20 has the deepest throat on the market, says the maker.

  • Digital Inspection Camera

    The M-Spector 360 has a rotating LCD screen so you don't have to stand on your head to figure out what you're looking at.

  • Do-It-All Drill Bit

    Irwin's Unibit Cobalt Step Drill makes it easy to bore large holes in metal or plastic.

  • Wobblelight Self-Righting Lamp

    ProBuilt's Wobblelight rights itself if it's knocked over

  • Electrocution-Preventing Tools

    Circuit Alert Voltage Sensing Tools let workers know if a circuit is live.

  • Digital Moisture Meter

    Delmhorst's BD-2100 can gauge moisture levels in wood and other materials.

  • Dryness Detector

    Delmhorst's BD-2100 Digital Moisture Meter can gauge moisture levels in wood and other materials

  • SPP 500C Cordless Caulk Dispenser

    The SPP 500C Cordless Caulk Dispenser features a microprocessor-controlled variable-speed motor and all-metal gearing with a 1,300:1 gear ratio, so you can apply more caulk or adhesive with less effort, says the maker.

  • CG4X Framer Gloves

    The CG4X Framer is designed to protect the wearer's hand from abrasions and fatigue without interfering with dexterity.