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More stories about Toolbits

  • Door-Bottom Brush

    The Painting Pal is a skinny brush that makes it possible to seal a bottom edge on a swinging door.

  • Insect Shield Repellent Work Wear

    Instead of coating your skin with irritating liquids, consider protecting yourself with Insect Shield Repellent Work Wear when you work outside.

  • Soft Storage Tool Bags

    Lenox says its new Soft Storage Tool Bags can stand up to any kind of job-site abuse.

  • Striker Drywall Talon

    The Striker Drywall Talon is designed to lighten the load for drywall hangers.

  • Drywall Picker-Upper

    There's no shortage of devices out there that can be used to lever a sheet of drywall into position using foot pressure, but the most effective one I've found is Marshalltown's Panel Lifter.

  • EasyClean Automatic Taper

    Ames' latest Bazooka taping tool is the EasyClean Automatic Taper, which is lighter and more ergonomic than previous versions.

  • Bosch Daredevil Circular Saw Blade

    New design is supposed to cut straighter and stay sharp longer.

  • Better Hammers from Hart

    Nine new hammers with special features in weights from 18 to 25 ounces.

  • Better Dust Mask

    With integral carbon filter, it screens out particulates, fumes, and odors.

  • Safety Gear for Women on Construction Jobs

    Better-fit goggles and hardhats in a variety of styles and colors.