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  • Toolbits

    Framing blade; hammers; dust mask; safety gear for women

  • Double-Duty Stapler

    Arrow’s new T50elite is a manual tacker that fires 1-inch brads as well as 9/16-inch staples.

  • Ergonomic Jigsaw

    The M12 Cordless High Performance Jigsaw is one of the newest entries in Milwaukee’s M12 lithium-ion line, which now contains more than 30 tools.

  • Miter Finder

    Don’t let its Rube Goldbergian appearance fool you: The Bora Angle Master is basically a T-bevel that determines both angle and miter settings.

  • Large Pneumatic Compressors to Go

    Jenny Products recently introduced four skid-mounted air compressors — two single-stage and two double-stage.

  • Multipurpose Hammer Drill

    The new KHE 76 combination hammer is equally suited to drilling large holes in concrete and heavy chiseling, says Metabo.

  • Compact Foam Sprayer

    Graco claims that the Reactor E-8p Portable Plural-Component Sprayer is the first foam sprayer specifically designed to apply the new no-heat polyurethane formulations.

  • Do-It-All Saw

    According to Irwin, the new Universal Handsaw is the only saw you’ll ever need.

  • Scaffold Builder’s Multi-Tool

    The WrightGripScaffold Ratchet is designed to lighten the load for scaffold builders. It features a 7/8-inch socket wrench, a 7/8-inch open-end wrench, and a nonsparking hammer with a replaceable plastic face.

  • Hyde 14-in-1 Painter's Multi-Tool

    Handy 14-in-1 tool for painters