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More stories about Toolbits

  • OX-DU10 Superfast Diamond Saw Blades Cut Steel, Brick, Stone, and Concrete

    Diamond circular saw blades cut metals, masonry and more

  • I-Mark Self-Marking Tape Measure

    Measure, press on the case, and you've made your mark

  • Paslode Cordless Roofing Nailer

    Say no tanks or hoses for roofing repairs and small jobs in high places.

  • Toolbits

    Painter’s tool; multipurpose blades; tape measure; cordless roofing nailer

  • Super-Duty Vacuum

    According to Metabo, the new ASR 35 Vacuum Cleaner was specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of continuous use in operations that generate clouds of dust.

  • Multi-Purpose Square

    The maker of the Combination-3D try square claims that it can do the work of a saddle square, a marking gauge, a bevel gauge, and a combination square — with no loss of accuracy.

  • Easy-Driving Nails

    Switch to Paslode’s Engineered Lumber Nails and you can eliminate the tedium of fixing proud nails and pulling bent ones, says the company.

  • Pro Line of Pliers, Snips, and Tubing Cutters

    Milwaukee has expanded its lineup of hand tools to include such new items as Tongue and Groove Pliers, Reaming Pliers, Aviation Snips, and a PEX/Tubing Cutter.

  • Cordless Siding Cutter

    The EZ Shear SST is designed to cut wood, vinyl, and fiber-cement siding products silently, without electricity and without kicking up a cloud of dust.

  • Multipurpose Knife

    Unlike other snap-blade knives, Tajima’s Driver Cutter has a stiff tip on the front edge of the blade sleeve that can be used to drive slotted screws, remove staples, or pry open paint-can lids.