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  • Stabilizing Cart for Concrete Saws

    With the new DSH-FSC Gas Saw Floor Cart, users of handheld gas saws can make precision cuts that would otherwise require a bulky, walk-behind saw, Hilti says.

  • Suction-Grip Handle for Heavy Lifting

    The Handle on Demand (HOD) uses suction to provide a convenient handhold on any nonporous surface.

  • Dust Collector for Hand-Held Grinders

    The DustBuddie is a clear plastic shroud that replaces the factory guard on most grinders and - when attached to an effective vacuum - captures 99 percent of the dust generated by grinding, says the maker.

  • 3-in-1 Laser Level and Measuring Tool

    Bosch's new GLM 80 laser features a unique "two-axis tilt sensor" that can determine the height of distant objects and perform straight-line measurements.

  • Rental Paint Sprayers for Pros

    Graco says its RentalPro Airless Paint Sprayers have been designed to stand up to the rigors of the rental market.

  • Forever-Accurate Levels

    Though best-known for clamps and layout tools, Bora also makes a full line of spirit levels, which it says can take anything the job site dishes out.

  • Ladder Levelers

    Unlike most leveling devices, the Xtenda-Leg offers an unlimited range of adjustability.

  • Smooth-Cut Jigsaw Blades

    Thanks to teeth that face in two directions, Dual Cut jigsaw blades can perform burr-free cuts on both sides of a workpiece, says the maker.

  • Small-Scale Concrete Vibrator

    Until now, if you wanted to vibrate a small concrete pour, you either rented a commercial-grade vibrator or banged on the forms with a hammer.

  • T-Bevel Angle-Finder

    General’s Digital Sliding T-Bevel can be used to replicate an angle or determine its exact measurement.