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More stories about ALASKA

  • Bullet Centerfire Foam-Cutting Saw Blades

    Carbon steel Centerfire circular saw blades have a knife edge rather than saw teeth and are specifically designed to make smooth cuts in foam panels and insulating concrete forms.

  • Helical Pile Foundations

    Contractors weigh in on the advantages of helical piles over concrete tubes,in this thread from 2012.

  • Building Cost-Effective Emergency Housing in Alaska

    Innovative open-web trusses allow for easy assembly, high R-values, and minimal thermal bridging

  • Installing Exterior Insulation in Cold Climates

    Airtight construction and a thick layer of exterior foam save energy and reduce the risk of rot and mold.

  • Letters

    Open-cell foam in unvented attics; code clarification; bees in brick; Alaska energy code

  • Notebook

    Builder optimism, panel roof problems, window latch recall, Business Tune-Up, more

  • Letters

    Rafter cutting concerns, building with ICFs, retrofitting brick ties, more

  • Notebook

    HUD issues lead regs; making drywall from smokestack sludge; new technology yields straighter studs; wastewater disposal in Alaska; more

  • Q&A: Too Much Thermal Mass?

    Q: When designing a radiant floor, can there be such a thing as too much thermal mass? Here in Alaska, we sometimes see the temperature jump from -10°F up to 40°F above in just a few hours.

  • Toolbox: Stud Sensors Come of Age

    Stud sensor comparison