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  • Fiberglass vs. Cellulose: Making the Choice

    In the insulation industry’s version of the Chevy/Ford debate, builders are faced with conflicting claims and a host of distracting side issues. This no-nonsense comparison shows that, depending on the job, both materials perform well when used correctly.

  • Q&A: Metal Roofs in High Winds

    Q: We build along the coast in North Carolina, which is considered a high-wind zone with gusts up to 120 mph. We’re interested in using standing-seam metal roofing panels, but we are concerned about blow-offs. Can you tell us what details and panel specifications we should require from our roofing...

  • Eight-Penny News

    Qualified Framer program, OSHA inspectors target small builders, retread roof, new itchless fiberglass insulation

  • Letters

    Lumber grading rules, on learning CAD, backdrafting in tight houses

  • Letters

    Readers drive home points on nail strength, foam form bracing

  • Eight-Penny News

    Worker deaths in Denver spawn new approach to safety, new sick building study, structural brick makes a comeback

  • Toolbox: Lifting Walls Safely

  • Foam Foundation Forms

    Field reports show that this increasingly popular forming technique can work well if you take the time to learn the tricks.

  • A Hiring Test for Carpenters

    The impression job applicants make in an interview may fail to predict how they’ll perform in the field. This simple test, given on-site, is a better indicator.

  • Legal Column: When Can Your Employees Sue You?

    When employees sue