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  • MIP Fight Enters Final Round

    The fight over a proposed increase in the mortgage insurance premium (MIP) charged by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has again gone down to the wire.

  • Mile-High Meters

    Denver is placing 50 more donation meters along downtown streets to raise money to help the homeless


    DENVER—Colorado’s low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program for 2008 is likely to include a 5 percent increase in basis caps and some green building incentives, but otherwise hold to existing priorities.

  • NO. 6 • BOULDER: Earth to Boulder, ComeIn

    It’s an old joke in Colorado: Boulder is 16 square miles surrounded by reality.


    Chicago—Locally based Capri Capital Partners, with its Capri Select Income II fund and an unidentified institutional investor, has acquired the majority of White Residential, LLC’s multifamily portfolio for $325 million. 

  • Litecontrol Staff Announcements

    Litecontrol has named Robert G. Davis as its director of its new product management department. He was previously a senior instructor in architectural engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Litecontrol has also appointed Randy Solliday as its regional sales manager for the Northeast...

  • New Money for Complicated Deals

    The Greenbriar at Saddle Rock Apartments in Denver is getting $1.8 million in fresh paint and improvements, thanks to an acquisition and rehabilitation loan funded from the sale of collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), a relatively new financing tool that can bring Wall Street dollars to fund...

  • Mercy’s Wide Reach

    DENVER—Mercy Housing has been adding about a thousand units to its portfolio every year for the last five years.

  • People NOOOze

    Virginia-based solid-state lighting manufacturer

  • People

    South Florida-based lighting manufacturer