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  • Litecontrol Staff Announcements

    Litecontrol has named Robert G. Davis as its director of its new product management department. He was previously a senior instructor in architectural engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Litecontrol has also appointed Randy Solliday as its regional sales manager for the Northeast...

  • Mercy’s Wide Reach

    DENVER—Mercy Housing has been adding about a thousand units to its portfolio every year for the last five years.

  • People NOOOze

    Virginia-based solid-state lighting manufacturer

  • People

    South Florida-based lighting manufacturer

  • David DiLaura

    I don't know where the next generation of lighting instructors is coming from,' said University of Colorado's David DiLaura, who is currently the senior instructor in the department of civil, environmental and architectural engineering. 'The industry is going to get caught short in five years as...

  • home is where the light is

    colorado vnet | tp1-1d touchpad |

  • NYC Green Building Charter

    in an effort to reduce new york city's energy consumption and the production of pollutants, the city council voted in September 2005 to amend the New York City charter in relation to green building standards for certain capital projects (those paid for in whole or in part by the City). New York now...

  • Lighting Challenges in 2007

    A|L's Industry Exchange Question was developed as a means of promoting discussion among members of the architectural and lighting design communities. Past questions have addressed a variety of topics, including: commoditization, the frequency of tradeshows, credentialing, and the impact of...

  • Land Development Pays off for Housing Authority

    BOULDER, CO. - When the public housing agency here commemorated its 40th anniversary in September, its 46 employees had good reason to celebrate.

  • Housing authority turns land developer to produce wide mix oflow-cost units

    Boulder, Colo.—Public housing agencies in many cities are looking for innovative ways to deliver affordable housing, but this city’s authority jumped further out front than most by undertaking land development to subsidize its own operations and create a