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More stories about DELAWARE

  • Delaware Passes Workers Comp Insurance Reform

    Delaware lawmakers have capped reimbursement to health care providers in comp claims, hoping to halt double-digit rate increases.

  • Army Corps Starts to Restore Delaware Beaches

    Federal funds (and sand) are flowing in Delaware, where the Corps of Engineers is ready to put the beaches back the way they were before Sandy — and then some.

  • Wilmington, Del.

    Home to many financial companies, Wilmington has been hit particularly hard by the recession. But local architects aren't completely without hope.

  • The DVGBC Announces Winners of Student Sustainable Design Competition


    DOVER—The entire low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program here will focus on rehabilitating existing affordable housing in 2008. "We have our heart set on preservation," said Lisa McCloskey, a housing mortgage finance officer for the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA).


    WILMINGTON, DEL.—Keith Campbell is amazed at the transformation of this Eastlake neighborhood where he recently bought his new home.

  • LightShowers & ICFF DuPont Corian Surfaces Booth

    A multi-disciplinary project that utilizes several mediums, LightShowers defies classification. Described by its creators, New York City-based architects Michael Morris and Yoshiko Sato, as an “installation,” the combination of built components coupled with projected video imagery and lighting...

  • TED Magazine Wins Two ASBPE Awards

    , official publication of the

  • Local officials partner to build seniors apartments

    FLEMINGTON, N.J. The rolling farmland a few miles from the Delaware River is so prized by wealthy second-home buyers that the average price of a house here is now $400,000. As land costs swell and resistance to almost any development stiffens, it’s become

  • Backfill: The Last One to Let You Down

    Making way for development means moving everything — even graveyards