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More stories about DELAWARE

  • Delaware Passes Workers Comp Insurance Reform

    Delaware lawmakers have capped reimbursement to health care providers in comp claims, hoping to halt double-digit rate increases.

  • Army Corps Starts to Restore Delaware Beaches

    Federal funds (and sand) are flowing in Delaware, where the Corps of Engineers is ready to put the beaches back the way they were before Sandy — and then some.

  • Wilmington, Del.

    Home to many financial companies, Wilmington has been hit particularly hard by the recession. But local architects aren't completely without hope.

  • Backfill: The Last One to Let You Down

    Making way for development means moving everything — even graveyards

  • Crawlspace Ventilation Update

    Most crawlspaces should be carefully sealed, not ventilated. In many areas, however, the codes are still catching up with best practice.

  • Long-Lasting Wood Roofs

    Where wind-driven rain is common, wood shingle roofs require extra detailing, both to keep moisture out of the house and to allow the shingles to dry. A coastal builder describes the materials and methods that work for her.

  • On the Beach -- Coastal Construction

    A Delaware contractor tells how to build houses on wood pilings that resist the rigors of coastal weather from storm tides to gale force winds.

  • Factory Building and Smaller Builder

    With high-priced land, labor shortages, and competition from production giants, many stick builders are giving factory building a second look.

  • For What It's Worth