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  • A|L Design Awards : Terminus 100

    Commendable Achievement, Exterior Lighting | Entrant: Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design

  • Atlanta Razes Last Large Project

    A BULLDOZER TORE DOWN Bowen Homes, marking the end of Atlanta's large public housing projects.

  • Atlanta Says Farewell to Last Large Public Housing Building

    ATLANTA—A bulldozer began tearing down Bowen Homes this month, marking the end of the city’s large public housing projects

  • Company Buzz: Dec. 10, 2008

    Zumtobel joins EMerge Alliance, Ciralight joins Energy Star, and Greenlight Initiative opens a new office in Atlanta.

  • Fall 2008 LED Supplement

    Fall 2008 LED Supplement

  • Tornado Alley

    Tom Aderhold and his wife were just sitting down to a late dinner at an Atlanta restaurant when he got the phone call.


    MEET BRUCE GUNTER, president of Progressive Redevelopment, Inc. (PRI), a leading nonprofit housing developer in Georgia.

  • 2008 International Illumination Design Awards

  • Apartment Exodus

    Atlanta — It’s no Miami, but Atlanta is still suffering the fallout from the condo bust, just like the sun-splashed city that made “condo crash” a phrase to strike fear into the hearts of developers across the nation. 

  • Festival of Lights